Vegan Coconut Golden Milk
Vegan Coconut Golden Milk

Vegan Coconut Golden Milk

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Vegan Coconut Golden Milk is an organic ginger-turmeric instant chai tea mix. This mix is inspired by the ancient Ayurvedic beverage golden milk.

This mix is a great alternative to making Golden Milk from raw ingredients because powdered ginger and turmeric actually have a higher concentration of vitamins and nutrients than their fresh counter parts. It is also much faster to make golden milk by adding a spoonful of this mix to hot water than it is to prepare traditional Golden Milk which involves peeling, grating, blending, and boiling fresh turmeric and then adding sweetener and milk.

Jahmu is on a mission to help people be healthier by getting more turmeric and ginger into their diets. One large re-usable glass jar of their tea can make over 226 cups - that's a lot fewer tea bags and packaging.

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