Café Santa Anita
Café Santa Anita
Café Santa Anita
Café Santa Anita

Café Santa Anita

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Enjoy a fresh cup of coffee every morning grown by members of the small coffee community of Santa Anita La Union in Western Guatemala, where a group of former guerrillas now grow coffee beans as a means to rebuilding their community. This whole bean blend has brown sugar, almond, cinnamon, and green grapes notes, and is another favorite at Operation Groundswell. This coffee community is made up of just 35 families from all corners of the country who came together after Guatemala’s 36-year-long civil war. Here, they purchased an old coffee farm to rebuild the next chapter of their lives. Today, they continue to innovate and persevere in the coffee industry and inspire positive change in their community.

Product Description

  • Varities: Bourbon, catuai, catimor and caturra
  • Roast: Full City. Somewhere between Medium and Dark. It mutes a bit of the acidity but brings out the sweetness and body of the beans


Woman-Owned. Person of Colour-Owned. Fair Trade. Handmade. Ethically-Manufactured. Eco-Friendly. Organic. Cruelty-Free. 

Operation Groundswell products are handmade and sourced directly from the farmers, artists and creators. Operation Groundswell value solidarity over charity, and in the power of their own communities and everyday choices to inspire change.

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