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Café La Voz
Café La Voz
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Café La Voz

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Enjoy a fresh cup of coffee every morning grown by members of the Cooperativa La Voz on the shores of Lago Atitlán in Guatemala. This whole bean blend has bright, creamy, green apple, and milk chocolate notes and is a favorite at Operation Groundswell. La Voz is a family-based coffee cooperative with over 600 members. They are dedicated to growing high-quality coffee while creating a sustainable future for the Tz’utujil Maya community and cultural traditions in San Juan La Laguna.

Product Details 

  • Varities: Tipica, bourbon, and caturra
  • Roast: Full City. Somewhere between Medium and Dark. It mutes a bit of the acidity but brings out the sweetness and body of the beans


Woman-Owned. Person of Colour-Owned. Fair Trade. Handmade. Ethically-Manufactured. Eco-Friendly. Organic. Cruelty-Free. 

Operation Groundswell products are handmade and sourced directly from the farmers, artists and creators. Operation Groundswell value solidarity over charity, and in the power of their own communities and everyday choices to inspire change.

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