Organic Vinegar Set

Organic Vinegar Set

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Two varieties of 100% naturally fermented honey wine vinegar for drinking and daily cooking. Naturally fermented Honey Wine vinegar and deep, rich red Hibiscus and Honey vinegar. Both are perfect for salad dressings and marinades. Fair trade, made with wild honey. Our naturally fermented honey wine vinegar is made with our organic honey from a forest at the source of the Zambezi River. It is delicious, with just the right amount of acidity. Use it daily in cooking, for salads or as a drinking vinegar. SIZE:  Net Wt. 250 ml X 2 TO USE: Delicious as a drinking vinegar added to water or juices. Cook with our vinegar. Use it in any recipe calling for vinegar. Tell your guests that every bite is helping train a beekeeper in Africa. Bon Appetit! Use it in salad dressings and even better when you add a teaspoon of our traditional forest honey. INGREDIENTS: Honey Wine Vinegar: Naturally fermented honey wine vinegar, Hibiscus. Acidity of 4.5% Hibiscus and Honey Vinegar: Naturally fermented honey wine vinegar. Acidity of 4.5% ADDITIONAL INFO: Our honey vinegar is naturally fermented. It is filtered to remove any cloudiness and to highlight its beautiful color.  CERTIFICATIONS & AWARDS:

African Bronze Honey is a certified B Corp that works with beekeeping projects in Africa to market and value add their sustainably harvested, organic, forest honey. Their goal is to support beekeepers by creating economic opportunity and in protecting the pristine forest environments that fight climate change.

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