The Good - Talis

In line with Fair Trade principles, Talis artisans are paid a living wage which enables them to change the course of their lives, their families and their community for generations to come. Talis is a proud member of the Fair Trade Federation.

To create outstanding jewellery, the Karen artisans hand-forged silver plates. The plates are then skillfully stamped with floral patterns and tribal symbols that draw on their inspiring beliefs of harmony with nature. Once the items are made they are oxidized and polished to create an antique feel. The knowledge of working with silver is literally passed from generation to generation. Seniors with years of experience and expertise teach new generations how to handcraft silver jewellery. Often young people surpass their teachers and start their own business, who then open their own silver workshop in their households. The individual growth is highly supported, at the same time the sense of community prevails.

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