What is fair trade?

We aspire to live in a world where businesses are leading the way for a healthy, fair, and equitable society. It is our mission to connect these brands with you, the ethical consumer who wants to make the world better with every purchase you make.

With fair trade, you are ensured that you are purchasing from brands that adhere to the highest standards of integrity and transparency - those who people and planet ahead of profit.

Fair wages, sustainability, worker rights, and free of child labor. 

main focuses of fair trade

Positive Change

Fair trade promotes fair compensation, fair labor standards, safe and healthy work conditions, positive relationships, and workplaces free of child labor.


Fair trade promotes sustainability in all its processes, focused on improving economic, sociocultural, and environmental practices.


Fair trade promotes working together to create a better world. We partner only with organizations that share the same wonderful values to further the cause.


Fair trade alleviates poverty, reduces inequality, and allows for greater opportunities. When fair trade standards are in place, workers lives and the communities around them improve. 

Our Partners

We love our community partners. Their hard work over the years has laid the foundation for the fair trade and social enterprise movement to flourish in North America. Here are a few of the organizations that share our values and we have been honoured to work with over the years.

When you shop our fair trade collection, you will find products certified and verified by fair trade organizations that we know and trust.