Artisan Made Soap Gift Sets 

Sitti is an olive oil soap and lifestyle company celebrating employment, education, and empowerment of the refugee community. They are committed to the self-reliance of refugee and displaced communities through long-term employment opportunities and skill development training.

Impactful Gifts That Give Back

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ARD 5-Soap Bar Bundle

This 5-Bar Soap Bundle is perfect for the bar soap lover. Each plant-based bar contains its own distinct quality, while containing the moisturizing power of olive oil. ARD is the Arabic word for ‘earth’ or ‘land’. Each soap within the ARD collection is made from all-natural ingredients and a connection to the land of a refugee community in Jerash, Jordan. 

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SēN Saffron Bundle - Sitti Social Enterprise Limited.

Using only the finest premium ingredients, this SēN Saffron Bundle is the ultimate facial & body bar they have been seeking for their bath and body needs. The soap is made with 100% natural ingredients, using premium olive oil and ethically sourced Saffron from Herat, Afghanistan. That's it. Premium quality without premium pricing. 


Bath & Beauty Gifts That Empower Refugees

Here are some of our favorite picks for holiday presents
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Nigella Olive Oil Soap Bar + Wooden Dish Set

Also known as Black Seed, this Nigella soap bar will gently exfoliate and enrich skin with vitamin E, and keep skin feeling hydrated and soft all winter long. The perfect gift for the holidays!

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3-Soap Gift Set - Sitti Social Enterprise Limited.

Each box includes two original Sitti Soap bars, and one loofah Sitti Soap bar. With a poetic note inside, each box reminds the recipient that their gift is also giving back to others. 

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Limited Edition: Sitti x Millie Gift Box - Sitti Social Enterprise Limited.

This gift box contributes to the Hopes for Women in Education Higher-Education scholarship fund for refugee women in Jordan. Everything is made with natural olive oil and saffron.

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Chamomile Olive Oil Soap + Wooden Dish Set

This moisturizing bar is naturally exfoliating with the calming scent of chamomile and lavender. The wooden dish is made from sustainably-sourced pine and oak wood.


The Good: Sitti Soap's Impact

  • Made with purpose: From their 100% olive oil soap bars to their handmade wooden soap dishes and their compostable plant-based loofah's, Sitti Soap are committed to social, economic and environmental sustainability for all.

  • Empowering refugees: Every product you purchase through Sitti goes towards employing underprivileged refugees who otherwise try and survive with less than $1 each day. Sitti work with refugee communities to lift themselves out of poverty through accessible education and sustainable employment.

  • Education & training: Sitti support education through relevant skill development opportunities through their soap artisan training and other professional training programs.

Need More Gifting Ideas?

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