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The Story Of Buy Good. Feel Good.

How A School Trip Started It All!


Hello! I'm Rafik, and I am the founder of Buy Good. Feel Good.

I want to start off by welcoming you all once again to the Buy Good. Feel Good. community.  Thank you for joining us on this journey and being part of our community!
How it all started...
I was born and raised in Egypt, and at the very young age of 12, I discovered Cairo’s garbage collectors community through a school trip that changed my life. 
I witnessed firsthand what poverty was. I could see it, smell it and touch it. I also understood what social exclusion meant and how it impacted that community. 30 years later I am still connected to the Zabaleen community and I am forever indebted to them for opening my eyes to an alternative reality that I hardly knew existed. 
I made it my life's purpose to change that reality for them and for other marginalized communities around the world. I studied and worked in international development for more than 10 years in Egypt, England, Tanzania, and other places around the world.
How a social enterprise was inspired by Manshiyat Nasser Zabaleen Garbage City | Buy Good. Feel Good

In the outskirts of Cairo, lies Manshiyat Nasser, also known as the Zabaleen “Garbage City”. This community is home to hundreds of thousands of Egyptians who live under the poverty line.

I moved to Canada in 2011 and started SALT, a fair trade social enterprise that worked with underserved artisan communities in Africa and Latin America. The sole mission of SALT was to provide dignified livelihoods to artisans around the world and to provide consumers in Canada with a powerful tool to make an impact: their purchases.

And of course products from the Zabaleen community I visited as a child were at the heart of what SALT offered :)

The more I appreciated the impact social enterprises had on the communities they worked with, the more I admired that model for its ability to empower and support artisans, farmers, and makers around the world.

Rafik Riad founder of Buy Good. Feel Good. an online marketplace for unique gifts from impact brands | Buy Good. Feel Good.
I found great joy in showcasing the different treasures I sourced from around the world and sharing the amazing stories of their makers.

 I was so excited about the potential of social enterprises that I decided to shift my focus to creating a platform for impact brands to grow and to connect with customers. In 2014, I founded Buy Good. Feel Good. as an in-person event that grew over the years to become the largest sustainable marketplace in North America. 

In 2020, when the pandemic started, we had to cancel our in-person events. We took that opportunity to launch Buy Good. Feel Good. as an online marketplace connecting customers to impact brands all year round.
I sincerely hope you stay with me on this journey, and that we slowly change the world we live in into one my 12-year-old self would be proud to be a part of.


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