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Tips To Finding The Perfect Gift For Anyone

Do you sometimes struggle to find the perfect gift for the people you care about most? Well don't, because we're here to help!

It's a universal fact that gifts are a sign of appreciation and love. When we get gifts we get giddy, and are filled with excitement and joy. The same applies to when we give the perfect gift. But the truth is that finding the perfect gift can sometimes be overwhelming. A quick gift might make someone happy at the time you give it to them sure, but will they remember it later on? Nope. Because unique gifting and thoughtful gifting is an art form. 

perfect gift, unique gifts, ethical gifts, sustainable gifts,, Buy Good. Feel Good.

How TO pick a meaningful gift

Being a great gift giver is all about finding meaningful and thoughtful gifts. To help you out, we’ve put together some easy and tested tips on how to pick the perfect gift every single time - and most importantly, a gift that both of you will appreciate.

Sure gift guides can be helpful, but the most important part of the magic formula behind finding the perfect gift is you. You know the important people in your life. And if you just give yourself some time to answer some basic questions, you'll be able to find the best sustainable gifts for everyone no matter your budget.    


Finding the perfect gift takes time. When you wait to the very last minute sometimes you don't think of the ultimate objective because you're too preoccupied with shipping times, which usually has many purchasing fast gifts from Amazon as opposed to the perfect gift. 

But the whole idea and concept of gift-giving is built on giving a gift with meaning to strengthen relationship connections. So why take away from that? Gifts are symbols of sentiment, and as such we should treat them. The perfect gift can make someone feel seen and appreciated. Unfortunately, just like the rise of fast fashion, the fast gifting industry is eating away at the core of what a gift essentially is because they know that people leave gift buying to the very last second. 


Don't go for fast gifts when you're tight on time. These sustainable and ethical gift sets are great quick alternatives. 

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2) Yes, Budget Is Important

The reality is we need to have a budget for everything in our life. But if you look at this issue with a glass half full perspective, budget can help narrow the choices of picking the perfect gift. Budget can also help us in the way we perceive value. Not everything fancy and expensive is of value, sometimes the smallest and least expensive of gifts can be the best because it’s about what it symbolizes.

Budget also comes into play when we consider waste. By taking the time to really find the perfect gift, we help reduce waste - whether it be useless plastic waste, wasting money and resources, or wasting time on gifts that people you gift won't ultimately use or enjoy.


The best ethical and sustainable gifts that are also affordable. Find the best gifts for $50 or less.  

unique gifts, ethical gifts, the perfect gift, budget gifts, Buy Good. Feel Good

3) Get Personal

You can't always find gifts that align with everyone's interests, and sometimes when they do, they may not be meaningful. So when thinking of what they truly want or need, think about HOW they would enjoy the perfect gifts as opposed to only picking them according to what they love. 

For example if someone loves cooking, think about how they can actually put foodie gifts to good use. Giving the gift of something someone actually needs shows how attentive you really are and how much you cherish the people in your life. Sometimes all you need to do is ask, listen, and do the research.


Help them stock up on spices, honey, tea & other foodie gifts - all made ethically and sustainably.

unique gifts, ethical gifts, the perfect gift, budget gifts, sustainable gifts, Buy Good. Feel Good


At Buy Good. Feel Good. we are passionate about supporting causes such as Fair Trade, diversity, sustainability, and the art of handmade gifts.You'll also find that most of the people in your life align with certain causes, lifestyles, and the notion of empowering others, so why not let the gifts you pick for others reflect that?  

Something as simple as socks can make the perfect gift. Because gifts are not supposed to just be empty presents -  they're about finding something in your recipient’s life that they care deeply about. Which brings us back to the socks. They may not be the most luxurious present, or the most unique, but if the socks were handmade by empowered women and help give back to impoverished communities, then they'll mean a whole lot more than a fancy gift to your loved ones. 


The perfect gifts that are built to last from sustainable brands who have discovered how to turn trash into treasure.

unique gifts, ethical gifts, the perfect gift, budget gifts, sustainable gifts, Buy Good. Feel Good


At Buy Good. Feel Good. we have witnessed hundreds of people exchange gifts, and we've learned some things that will guarantee you find the perfect gift for everyone and anyone. So why not let us help you in choosing the perfect present and easily buying it with a touch of a button too?

At Buy Good. Feel Good. we make sure that every gift we offer is thoughtful and meaningful. Our curated collection of sustainable gifts, fair trade gifts, unique gifts, and eco-friendly gifts will make shopping for gifts easier, faster, and above all enjoyable! 


Find perfect gift ideas for every and any occasion! Find ethical and sustainable gifts that they'll truly cherish.

unique gifts, ethical gifts, the perfect gift, budget gifts, sustainable gifts, Buy Good. Feel Good

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