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The Best Zodiac Gemstone For Astrology Signs

Guest blog by Natalia Gomez from Daria Day

Every sign in the zodiac has a unique energy.

Each star and planet connects and interacts with the next, as huge forces of energy and gravity pull. The stars and planets that aligned at the moment you were born bestowed a unique energy into you, and there is a zodiac gemstone with complementary energy for each person.

When we find our place in the universe, it can be a magical thing. It delivers aspects of who we are into our hands, and figuring it out feels like unlocking a key.

Whether you lean into the flow and balance of your emotions or feel confidently grounded in the earth under your feet, you cannot escape the influence of the energies that surround you in the universe. Leaning into this power allows you to find and express your truest self.

gemstone jewelry, buy good. feel good.

Self-confident and outgoing, Aries and Garnet go hand-in-hand.

Garnet encourages prosperity and abundance, blessing those born into the month of Aries with the drive and passion that lies within them already. You’re a go-getter, a self-confident force to be reckoned with, and Garnet will temper your passions and guide you steadily towards your goals.

Strong and steady, Lapis guides those born under Taurus to their deep well of wisdom.

A deeply grounded earth sign, Taurus contains quiet multitudes. Lapis taps into this well of insight and allows you to reach into your mind, finding a self-assured, gentle knowledge.

As a twin being, Gemini has a love for self and others that will be enhanced by Agate.

The beautiful warm orange of Agate allows love and compassion to flow through Gemini’s being. You have a unique ability to empathize and understand both yourself and others. You can contain the different perspectives of a divided world.

Emotional, empathetic, and kind, Cancer benefits from the quiet self-assurance that Calcite provides.

Empathy is a beautiful thing. It allows you to understand others and remain uniquely compassionate - but it has a dark side. You can become caught in negative emotions, feeling hurt as it passes through someone else. Calcite helps to cleanse negative energy and refocus you on the joy that is present when you look for it.

Fierce and loyal, Leo imbues the warm, spirited energy of Tiger’s Eye.

When you walk into a room, everyone notices. Your perspective will be heard, and you’ll fight for what you believe in. Loyal to a fault, you couldn’t find a better friend. Tiger’s Eye encourages the best parts of you, and tempers your fire.

Cool and collected, Jade helps Virgo find the calm.

Virgos are dedicated to their passions and protective of their loved ones. Seldom unprepared, you’ll search to the ends of the earth to create the best outcome for those you care about. Jade helps you channel inner peace, marrying it with your will to succeed.

Whimsical and quick to love, Libra and Yellow Quartz are the perfect match.

You go with the flow, falling in and out of new circumstances with ease. Yellow Quartz is your zodiac gemstone, igniting your inherent creativity and channeling your passion to productive and fulfilling pursuits.

Scorpio is powerful to the extreme, and obsidian illuminates both the dark and the light within you.

Scorpio demonstrates perfectly the idea of balance. You walk a tightrope between impulsivity and forward thinking, dark passion and fierce joy. The zodiac gemstone of self mastery, Black Obsidian guides you towards finding your balance in harmony with the universe.

Warm and loving, Quartz boosts Sagittarius’ ability to make others feel welcome.

You’re quick to smile, and slow to hold a grudge. Your best quality is your ability to draw others in, never letting them doubt how much they’re loved. Quartz helps you channel this beam of warmth and provides you the energy to take care of others - and yourself. 

Chalcedony helps Capricorn remember to enjoy the moment through their dedication and perseverance.

As a Capricorn, you’ll get the job done. Hard-working and loyal, there’s no doubt that others can count on you. Chalcedony helps you from getting lost in your goals, slowing you down to enjoy the moment of satisfaction from a job well done and pleasure within the journey.

Aquarius relies on intelligence, and benefits from the tapping into emotions through Moonstone.

You’re hard to pin down, and seem to flow in every direction at once. Your intelligence and idealism has gotten you far in life, but it can be possible to rely too heavily on your logical mind. Moonstone helps you to channel the luck that is necessary in life and lets your emotions have a say.

Amethyst allows Pisces to focus on the good in life.

As a Pisces, you feel your emotions fully. They flow through you like waves of the ocean, hitting you with fierce joy, sadness, love, anger, peace, and melancholy. You may sometimes feel like you live at the whims of your feelings. But there is great value in embracing your feelings, and you have a unique ability to stay in touch with yourself. When times seem difficult, though, it can be hard to get away from negativity. Amethyst will soothe the soul with its healing properties and allow you to tap into your boundless positivity. 

Each zodiac gemstone helps balance and empower a different part of your unique strength.

Though you are influenced by the universe and the stars under which you were born, you are not controlled. There are countless sources of energy available to you in your life, and finding those that perfectly align with you at your best allows you to achieve your truest ideal. 

Using the zodiac gemstone that works with you, not against you, will be invaluable in your journey. Let the beautiful stone remind you of your purpose.

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