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Meet The Founders: Ruby and Kuljit Rakhra of Takasa

Let’s hear it. What’s the origin story of your social enterprise. How did it all start? 

Our Takasa journey started with becoming parents and consciously making eco lifestyle changes. Having children made us think more about how we shop. As we looked deeper into industry, it became increasingly clear that industries such as textiles are in the midst of a deep moral and ethical crisis. We thought about cheap overseas labour that is continuously exploited under abysmal working conditions. We also read that traditional methods of manufacturing cotton consist of harmful insecticides and pesticides. We didn’t want our shopping habits to amplify these issues. So we decided to make changes. When we couldn’t find what we were looking for, we decided to take action. This meant leaving our corporate careers behind in order to apply our combined skills towards the objective of promoting environmental responsibility. We made it our mission to deliver goods and services that add value to people’s lives.

What moments in your life have shaped who you are as a person and as a social entrepreneur?

Having a family has changed our perspective immensely. Although we lived relatively healthy prior to becoming responsible for another human being, just the thought of raising someone in an environment where we didn’t think about how our clothing is made, or how our food is grown, struck a chord with us. We wanted to be better people and wanted to show our children that even though we are just a few individuals, that every simple action counts.

What is your favourite social enterprise/impact brand and why?

There are so many great companies that have inspired us to do better. We look to companies like Wear Pact, Patagonia, local Canadian companies like The Good Tee, ETIK, Matt and Nat. The countless coffee roasters out there offering a better option for our morning brew. Right now, we love Everlane for their open transparency and the way in which they share their journey. This openness brings about trust and admiration - two strong factors in creating a loyal following.

What is your biggest achievement to date? Your proudest moment?

Takasa’s proudest moment to-date has been launching, albeit in line with COVID-19. Who knew a pandemic would cast an extra shadow in navigating being a newcomer in the marketplace. Personally, our proudest moments include our children being born (one just prior to launching)!

What is ONE piece of advice you can give to people who want to create a brand around a social mission?

Just do it. Stop thinking, layout a plan of action and do it. We spent about a year building Takasa before we launched but 10 years thinking about it. Also, care for both your suppliers and your customers, so that the two can align with what you represent your social mission to be.

“ I dream...”

I dream of a day when Fairtrade and Organic is the norm, and companies with un-ethical, non-environmentally-friendly products are required to label the negative impact they are having on society.

What’s next for your social enterprise? 

The sky is the limit for Takasa. Our aim is to become your favourite eco-minded brand. We are starting with mindful and sustainable homewares and hope to expand further into daily life by providing mindful options for everyday staples.

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