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Gifts For Leos That'll Make Them Purr

It's officially Leo season! Ruled by the sun, Leos are fiery, vivacious, and playful. They love luxury and they know what they want. Their inner lions makes them fiercely protective of their loved ones and loyal to the very end. 

With birthdays from July 23 to August 24, remember when you're shopping unique eco-friendly gifts for Leos, that bolder is always better. Whether for birthdays, special occasions or just-because, we've lined up thoughtful and expertly-chosen gifts for Leos to make them feel as special as they really are.

Leo Traits

Strengths: Creative, passionate, generous, warm-hearted, cheerful, humorous

Weaknesses: Arrogant, stubborn, self-centered, lazy

Leo likes: Taking holidays, being admired, expensive things, bright colors, fun with friends

Leo dislikes: Being ignored, not being treated like a king or queen

gifts for leos, astrology, unique gifts, Buy Good. Feel Good.

Gifts for Leos, the Royals of the Zodiac

Stylish Trunks

Have your Leo swim-up in style or lounge in a relaxed fit with the Cathedral trunks. Known for their love of travel and water-side activities, Leos will love this active short with a twill weave pattern that makes it more durable for lifetime use - great for those active days, or chill days poolside.

gifts for leo, astrology, unique gifts, swim trunks,  Buy Good. Feel Good.

Tie-Dye Cotton Napkins

These gorgeous hand dyed gold napkins are perfect for Leos to dress up their dinner table for all their social shindigs! Made using a centuries-old Japanese technique called shibori, each piece of fabric is folded, twisted, and tied before being dipped in dye. *Available to US customers only. 

gifts for leos, astrology, napkin set, unique gifts, Buy Good. Feel Good.

Leather Shoes

Designed for changing seasons and everyday wear, this boat shoe will quickly become their new go-to shoe. Inspired by the classic boat shoe, the Náutico features high-quality construction and meticulous detail - including elegant stitching, hand-cut leather laces, and Blake stitch construction for a super lightweight feel.

gifts for leos, astrology, unique gifts, boat shoe, Buy Good. Feel Good.

Sexy Swimwear

The Sophia one-shoulder monokini is all about the luxe without the fuss. Sexy cutouts flatter all shapes, and the metallic bronze or ivory finish sets off any skin tone for a flawless look that’s ready for anything. Perfect for Leos who love anything bold for poolside lazy days. 

gifts for leos, astrology, swimsuit, unique gifts, ethical fashion, Buy Good. Feel Good.

Clay Earrings

A little fun in color play in clay! The ombre clay earrings are bold, colorful and so much fun. Leos are loud and proud, making these adorable earrings handcrafted in India a very suitable gift. They can be dressed up or down and each pair is a waterfall of ombré shades. *Available to US customers only. 

gifts for leos, astrology, unique gifts, earrings, Buy Good. Feel Good.

Gold Jewelry 

You can't go wrong with a little touch of gold when it comes to gifts for Leos - they are the royals of the zodiac after all! This stunning gold Coin Choker is gorgeous layered or on its own and is versatile enough to wear with every outfit, casual or fancy. 

gifts for leos, astrology, unique gifts, gold necklace , Buy Good. Feel Good.

Eco Backpacks 

Help Leos stay organized on their adventures! For summer escapes, this slim cut eco backpack makes it extremely practical to carry everything they need - and it looks super sleek too. For every No! Rolltop Backpack made, 6.4 lb of ocean plastic is recycled.

gifts for leos, astrology, unique gifts, eco backpack, ethical jewelry, Buy Good. Feel Good.

Elastic Belts

This thin, lightweight belt stays in place through any activity thanks to a non-slip, grippy gel that lines the inside - perfect for Leos! Made with 100% recycled plastic bottles, this must-have belt makes a great gift for Leos who want to look good while they’re on the go. *Available to US customers only. 

gifts for leos, astrology, unique gifts, elastic belt, Buy Good. Feel Good.

Leather Flip Flops

This classic men's leather flip flops are designed for all-day travel and style! Able to fight through sand, rain, and endless summer days, the Padre is everything he would want or need in his sandals. With comfy cushioning and extra traction on the bottom, the Padre is a must-have on the list of gifts for Leos. 

gifts for leos, astrology, unique gifts, leather sandals , Buy Good. Feel Good.

Organic Cotton Bed Sheet Sets

Leos are all about luxury and bold bright colors! So make their bed even more welcoming with a 100% organic cotton bed sheet set, finished in cool and crisp percale - in the color that calls out to them: yellow. Ethically made in India, this Fairtrade certified bed sheet set will make them stay snuggled in bed all day.

gifts for leos, astrology, unique gifts, organic cotton bed sheet set, Buy Good. Feel Good.

Essential Oil Blends

Get the Leos in your life to always feel good on-the-go with essential oils! This set of five organic essential oil blends can fit in handbags and travel bags for easy access and relief. Leos will love this powerhouse kit because of its unique organic blends and the roll-ons ease of use. *Available to US customers only. 

gifts for leos, astrology, unique gifts, essential oils, Buy Good. Feel Good.

Leather Tote

Clean and classic, this gorgeous leather tote will compliment a Leos chic lifestyle. The large panels of this classic leather tote showcase deep luscious hues of its stunning cognac color and the bottom panel is made from repurposed inner-tube of tires. A charming and durable tote they'll use daily!

gifts for leos, astrology, unique gifts, leather tote, ethical jewelry,  Buy Good. Feel Good.

Gemstone Pendants

Known for their big hearts and loving and loyal energy, these heart pendants are perfect gifts for Leos! These handcrafted heart-shaped pendants in Black Obsidian or White Onyx can be worn individually or paired together to elevate their everyday style and keep the positive vibes flowing.

gifts for leos, astrology, unique gifts, heart pendants, Buy Good. Feel Good.


Being that Leo is a fire sign, they appreciate some spice in their life! This spice collection is packed with big and bold flavors developed by the youth team of Thirteen: A Social Enterprise and includes four spice mixes, ranging from spicy to mild. These spices will provide them with a taste of Africa. *Available to Canada customers only. 

gifts for leos, astrology, unique gifts, organic spices, Buy Good. Feel Good.

Cozy Socks

Socks fit for the Leo queens and kings in your life! These bold and beautiful unisex socks are handmade in the Himalayas by happy ladies. The socks are luxuriously cozy, Fair Trade, vegan, and 50% of profits support orphanages.

gifts for leos, astrology, unique gifts, fair trade socks, Buy Good. Feel Good.


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