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Celebrating Brands That Do Better Business

B Corp Spotlight: Celebrating Brands That Do Better Business
Our mission at BGFG is to always celebrate brands that are purpose-driven, those who use their business for good to benefit everyone from stakeholders to artisans, and society at large. 
In honor of B-Corp Month, we wanted to shine a spotlight on our Certified B Corporation brands, who are part of a community of more than 3,800 companies across 74 countries.  
What exactly is a B Corporation? 
It's pretty simple actually. They are businesses that believe that purpose and profit should go hand-in-hand. They are legally required to consider what their impact means to everyone and everything around them from their workers and customers to the community and the environment. A unified force of good to put it in layman terms.
At the core of their mission is tackling issues to create better business from fair maternity policies to a Net Zero commitment by 2030. On a larger scale, some B Corp companies are finding ways to narrow their income gap by capping CEO salaries to inspire the lowest-wage employees.
In a world where the income gap between the rich and the poor has become even more shocking because of COVID-19, this is a strategy that should be adopted on a much larger scale to deal with the inequalities. With the pandemic raging for over a year now, this was clearly proved when higher-income workers had the luxury to work from home and the lowest had to be on the ground facing health risks or no pay at all.  
According to a 2019 report from the Economic Policy Institute, CEO compensation grew by 1,007.5% from 1978 to 2018. However, that was not the case for lower-income wages which only grew by 11.9%. Take the difference in numbers in for a minute. It is not only unfair, unjust and cruel, it is unsustainable for a world where those who get paid less far outnumber those who are on the top. 
This is where the Certified B Corporations play a major role. As part of the B Impact Assessment used for certification, these businesses have to provide the pay ratio between their highest- and lowest-paid workers. When it's laid out so clearly, these B Corps can then take on more practical steps to reduce the gap.
With pay cap and related practices being used, B Corps can really make a difference for their suppliers and employees around the world and elevate their livelihoods which is at the heart of B Corp’s pursuit of social justice and equality.

African Bronze Honey
African Bronze is a Certified B Corporation that works with beekeeping projects in Africa to market and value add their sustainably harvested, organic, forest honey. Their goal is to support beekeepers by creating economic opportunity and in protecting the pristine forest environments that fight climate change.
The Good Tee
The Good Tee is a Certified B Corporation on a mission to be a positive example of responsibly made products and set a precedent in the fashion industry. Their premium quality essentials for men, women and babies are made from Fair Trade certified organic cotton and certified eco-friendly dyes. Their t-shirts are fully traceable from farm to warehouse in order to minimize their footprint and measure their environmental impact.
Thread Talk
Thread Talk is a Certified B Corporation that creates beautiful and eco-friendly blankets that are changing women's lives. 10% from every order is donated to fund critical wish-list items for domestic violence shelters across the United States. 
Savhera is a Certified B Corporation that makes essential oils and wellness products to support sex trafficking survivors. Savhera’s USDA certified organic essential oils and sustainably-sourced aromatherapy and wellness products are the gateway to living-wage and professional employment for sex trafficking survivors from Delhi, India. More than just a job, it provides a new beginning for these women, which is why the name Savhera was chosen. It means “morning,” or “new dawn” in Hindi.
Jelt is a certified B Corporation and their elastic belts are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, which would otherwise be left in oceans and landfills. The innovative design has a low-profile buckle that won’t show a bulge under fitted shirts and a grippy inner gel that holds on tight, keeping the belt in place through all activities. Jelt belts are comfortable, lightweight and because they are metal-free, they are TSA-friendly.
Alaska Glacial Mud
Alaska Glacial Mud is a Certified B Corporation that is about more than just skincare. They practice clean beauty, green beauty and ethical beauty. The company philosophy was inspired by the Copper River glacial mud, but it was given a voice by the river and it's inhabitants. In addition to being purveyors of the finest mineral-rich Alaska Glacial Mud natural skin care products, they are also advocates for the Copper River Delta/Watershed and pledge 10% of their net profits to local organizations that love, work and fight for its protection.

Vegan Coconut Golden Milk

Jahmu is a Certified B Corporation on a mission to help people be healthier by getting more turmeric and ginger into their diets. One large re-usable glass jar of their tea can make over 226 cups - that's a lot fewer tea bags and packaging.

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