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BBQ Essentials For The Perfect Backyard Feast

Nothing makes us more excited for summer than a backyard bbq with family and friends.
To help you plan a summer filled with happy moments and delicious food, we have created the ultimate checklist for the essentials needed for a bbq - and the best thing is that you can shop them all right here at Buy Good. Feel Good!
This list of BBQ party essentials will help you get organized, and enjoy your bbq season stress-free. 

Spice Up The Flavors


When it comes to bbq food, it really is all about the spices and rubs so get adventurous and try something new!

This Citrus Spice Blend combines Black Kampot pepper, fleur de sel, and sun-dried Kaffir lime leaves. As one of the most aromatic herbs, kaffir lime leaves bring an elegant citrus flavor to recipes. Delicious on fish, seafood, and chicken. The Black Kampot Pepper spice is very intense and mild at the same time, with hints of eucalyptus and fresh mint. It complements grilled meats and fish perfectly. For more spices to try this summer, check out our La Plantation collection of fair trade pepper and spices. 
This spice collection is packed with big and bold flavors for the foodie in you. This spice collection was developed by the youth team of Thirteen: A Social Enterprise and includes four Spice Mixes, ranging from spicy to mild. These spices provide you with a taste of Africa and new flavors to incorporate into your bbq cooking.

Great for cooking, use the summer or winter honey to make marinades and sauces! Not only do they taste great on their own or with your tea, they are packed with antioxidants and micronutrients and taste delicious as a rub for bbq recipes. 

Get Ready To Do Some Grilling

These staples will have you grilling like a pro chef in no time! 
A must have for bbq season, this durable all-purpose canvas apron with an easy fit will keep your phone handy (and clothes clean) as you grill up a storm.
Protect your hands while barbecuing with these sturdy cotton barbecue mitts designed to withstand 11 seconds at 400°F. The barbecue mitts feature a convenient loop and are an essential backyard chef accessory. 

Prepare Ice-Cold Drinks

Aside from some chilled rose and beer, these refreshing alcohol-free options will be a hit with kids and adults!  
Delicious, healthy, and oh so refreshing, this Organic Peach Turmeric Tea is a gourmet herbal tea that was made to be enjoyed chilled as an iced tea on sunny days.
For a flavourful and healthy drink for summer get-togethers and backyard fun, make sure to try this Tropical Organic Green Tea. This light summer green tea with tropical fruits, apples, and cherries works beautifully as a base for cocktails. 
The Caffeine Free Turmeric Chai is an organic ginger-turmeric instant chai tea mix that contains no sweeteners or artificial ingredients. It is made solely from organic spices, making it organic and vegan. Simply add 1/2 a teaspoon of this spice blend to some ice cold water, stir and enjoy!

Set The Mood

Get into the summer spirit with these finds, perfect for decorating your outdoor space!
Set the mood for early evening dinners in the backyard with these pillar candles that are hand-poured using organic African forest beeswax. They burn for 40 hours each will infuse your backyard or porch with the smell of honey and beeswax.  


Bring On The Entertainment

Invest in some outdoor games so you can have some fun until the food gets ready!
The ultimate backyard game! The Bocce game kit comes with 2 sets of 4 matching balls so family and friends can play together. Great for adults and kids of all ages, the Bocce game kit is ethically produced to create smiles, connect people, and foster healthy lifestyles for their Mayan artisans. 
For all you hemp lovers, this is your chance to have one of the most unique pocket discs on earth! These limited edition pocket discs are 100% hemp and are done with a natural dye process. Perfect for playing with in the backyard with family, friends, and pets!


For the ultimate checklist of bbq essentials you need this summer, checkout our our pantry staples you'll need to get the summer started!

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