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Gifts for Gemini That'll Appeal To Both Twins

One of the most playful zodiac sigs, Gemini's are vivacious and known to be full of energy. Since this air sign is represented by twins, it's not hard to understand why Gemini's have such big personalities, are passionate, can be risk-takers and are avid learners because of their two sets of interests. 

With birthdays from May 21 to June 20, Gemini's are fascinated in everything and everyone. If you're shopping cute eco-friendly gifts for a Gemini right now, you'll know how lovable and charming they are. But add to that intelligent, whimsical, inquisitive, and strongly opinionated, which can make finding the perfect gift for Gemini's a little challenging.  

Leave it to us to help you find thoughtful presents to impress the Gemini in your life. Whether for birthdays, special occasions or just-because, we’ve lined up gifts for Gemini that will be approved by both the twins!

Gemini Traits

Strengths: Gentle, affectionate, curious, adaptable, ability to learn quickly and exchange ideas

Weaknesses: Nervous, inconsistent, indecisive

Gemini Likes: Music, books, chats with nearly anyone, trips 

Gemini Dislikes: Being alone, being confined, repetition and routine

gifts for gemini, astrology, unique gifts, Buy Good. Feel Good.


These gifts for Gemini will help them be prepared to take on any social situation & have a blast. 

Hip Bag

Gemini's love spontaneous plans so a fanny pack is a clear winner to get all their essentials together. This eco-friendly hip bag is the ultimate stylish accessory that fits everything - and for each bag made, 1.7 lb of ocean plastic is recycled! 

gifts for gemini, astrology, hip bag, unique gifts, Buy Good. Feel Good.

Organic Date Spread Bundle

This bundle of 8 oz. organic date spreads are a great way to have a variety of flavours like tahini, cinnamon, and chocolate for get-togethers that any Gemini craves and hosts often.

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5-Soap Bar Bundle

This 5-Bar Soap Bundle is perfect for the bar soap lover and frequent host. Each plant-based bar contains its own distinct quality and connection to the earth, while containing the moisturizing power of olive oil. 

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Aspen Button Down Shirt

Help him look sharp and edgy at any occasion with this short-sleeve Aspen shirt. This Fair Trade and handwoven shirt features a straight and narrow profile and broad shoulder sleeves for an impeccable fit, perfect for morning and night.

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These gifts for Gemini will give them something to think about.

Natural Dye Kit + Unisex Tee

A cool gift for a cool Gemini. This natural dye kit with a unisex tee gives the beginner dyer a perfect introduction to the beauty of creating colour from nature and customizing your own unique t-shirt.

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Grounded in Healing Rutile Quartz Pendant

Every sign is ruled by a body part or parts — Geminis are ruled by the throat and lungs. With balanced energy, Rutilated Quartz is known to have a calming effect. This handmade gemstone necklace will bring calm and restore balance for energetic Gemini's. 

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A New Beginning Essential Oils Set

Every product in this gift set will help your Gemini discover more on their wellness journey. Get this all-in-one powerhouse kit which includes a stone diffuser, six organic essential oil blends to create aromatherapy that renews and uplifts and a cotton pouch for travel. 

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Rolltop Backpack

The all-rounder for adventure seekers & freedom lovers, these rolltop backpacks are adjustable in size and the perfect accessory for curious Gemini's always looking for a new adventure. For each rolltop backpack, 7.7 lb of ocean plastic is recycled. 

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These statement gifts for Gemini will make them the centre of attention.

Coral Adjustable Plunge Bikini Set

Get your Gemini to stand out this summer with a sharp fit and lively color in the Coral plunge triangle top set. Coral is a color that looks great on every skin tone, and looks even better after a day in the sun.

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The Havana Boot

Expertly made by skilled Guatemalan craftsmen, the Havana leather boot is designed with the highest quality full-grain leather made to last a lifetime. Let the Havana lead your Gemini on their wildest urban adventures and be style icons while they're at it. 

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Handcrafted Yellow Fan Basket

Yellow is a power color for Gemini's. This gift will make a statement in any space for sure. This large sized basket in a rich combination of colors is handcrafted by women artisans living in Central Uganda. 

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These gifts for Gemini each have a story they'll love to share.

Sarah Shoulder Bag

The Sarah Shoulder Bag is an elevated, go-to everyday bag that fits everything your Gemini needs. Hand-crafted in small batch production in Haiti, with locally sourced cognac or rich black leather, it is sure to become a staple in their wardrobe.

gifts for gemini, astrology, unique gifts, leather bag, Buy Good. Feel Good.

Black JeltX Adjustable Elastic Belt

A versatile everyday accessory up to any challenge! This elastic waist belt features a sustainable design made from recycled water bottles. Perfect for outdoorsy Gemini's in your life. 

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Diamond Moon Studs

She'll shine brighter than the moon in the night sky with these gorgeous studs featuring tiny diamonds pave set in a 14KT solid gold crescent setting. Made by at-risk youth in Toronto.

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The Pierre Wallet

A high-quality trifold leather wallet handcrafted from former airplane seats! Crafted in partnership with Jazz Aviation and named after Pierre Elliott Trudeau, this elegant travel essential is elegant and has the best back story.

gifts for gemini, astrology, unique gifts, leather wallet , Buy Good. Feel Good.


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