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12 Ways To Get Better Sleep

 These ethical finds will make sure you’re stressing less and sleeping more. From essential oils to dreamy duvets, these products will hopefully help you get a restful night’s slumber.


Relax and get a restful night's sleep in Takasa's certified organic cotton bed sheet set. Finished in warm and luxurious sateen, this cotton sheet set will make your bed even more welcoming – night and day. Ethically made in India, from farm to finished product, this Fair Trade certified bed sheet set will make for a healthier home and happier environment. 
Slip under Takasa's lush cotton duvet cover for the sweetest dreams. Crafted with 100% organic cotton in 300 thread count warm and luxurious sateen, this Fair Trade Canada certified duvet cover will add a sense of calm to your sleep space without compromising on comfort or conscience. 
This beautiful Lavender Candle is a combination of Moyaa Shea Butter's Fair Trade shea butter and soy wax. With a 100% cotton wick for over 25 hours of burn time, the lavender candle is lovingly made in Canada by The Scented Market for Moyaa Shea products.
You can pick from three different scents with this Essential Oil Blends pack from Moyaa Shea Butter. What we're going for: Balance & Wellness. 

The Balance blend contains 100% pure organic essential oils of Frankincense, Lavender, and Black Pepper blended with organic Jojoba Oil. This blend was created to help ground you and bring you back into balance.

The Wellness blend contains 100% pure organic essential oils of Eucalyptus, Black Pepper, Rosemary, Lavender, and Geranium blended with organic Jojoba oil. This blend was created to help you when you are not feeling well with a cold or flu.
This Aromatherapy Bracelet features six black lava stones known for their grounding qualities and their ability to reduce stress and anxiety. In addition, lava stones make excellent diffusers so you can take your favorite essential oils with you by placing a few drops on the black beads of the aromatherapy bracelet.
Help your little one twinkle the night away in Takasa's 100% organic cotton crib sheets and muslin wrap. The lightweight, breathable percale weave crib sheets are designed to keep baby cool and comfortable all night long, and the silky soft muslin wrap will become baby's favourite swaddle. Free of harmful dyes and chemicals, this organic crib sheet and muslin wrap set is perfect for new parents.
For the perfect remedy to soothe your soul before bedtime, try Tega's organic Egyptian chamomile tea. Egyptian Chamomile flowers are very aromatic with a fruity, floral flavor, and are renowned for their power to help calm nerves. Make sure to stock up your pantry with this organic Egyptian chamomile tea for relaxing evenings.
Super soft. Super absorbent. Super spa. Make bathtime a pre-bed routine with the luxurious feel of Takasa’s premium organic cotton bath towel set. The 700 GSM bath towel set is made with ultra-low twist for added absorbency and gentle comfort while drying. The organic cotton bath towel set is designed with a simple, clean hem for a natural look and feel. 
Soothe dry winter skin before bed with this Lavender Moyaa Shea Butter lavender lotion from the Vitellaria Nilotica tree in Uganda. Wild-harvested, raw, and cold-pressed, this Lavender Moyaa Shea Butter is a natural, total body moisturizer that nourishes and restores skin. 
There’s perhaps nothing more serene than being curled up, eyes closed, mind dreaming. The Nurturing Serenity Blanket was designed to encourage more moments like that for your baby. And when baby sleeps well, you sleep well. A portion of the proceeds from the Nurturing Serenity Blanket goes to help victims of domestic violence across the US.
Take a break and soak in the goodness of NaturaPure's bath salts. The bath salts are a blend of epsom, dead sea, solar, himalayan, french grey, and dendritic salts. By combining several types of salts, the bath salt blends deliver quicker mineral and magnesium absorption. Pick the Sleep Easy blend and get your bathtub ready.
The organic Divine Dreams blend is specially formulated to encourage your body into a restful night’s slumber. So many thoughts race through our minds at night and prevent us from falling and staying asleep–those never-ending lists, worries, or ideas. Divine Dreams helps catalyze your body’s relaxation mechanism so you can sleep with greater ease. It’s time to claim your sleep and enjoy all the benefits you’ll reap.

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